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Tue 20th Oct 2015 - 9:40pm : General

Norwegian TeamL

Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is a competetive eSports team.

They focus on growing their potential in the eSports CS:GO community by having sponsors and play scrims.

Our players train every week and have been ranked around the rank: Legendary Eagle Master. 

As said we are trying to get attention and get more fans to grow our fanbase, we would like to do this via scrims.

You can plan a scrim against our team via mail:

We are thrilled playing a scrim against you!


German Team:

 ExoD eSports also has a German CS:GO team, they are ranked between Legendary Eagle Master and Global Elite.

The team has participated in League 99 a German Tournament. You may check additional information in the link:

They used to play under the name of Quadron eSports.

You can message to get a scrim!




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